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OSHA 300 and 300A – Safety Meeting Toolbox Topic

The OHSA 300 and 300A logs are known as the Log of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses (The OHSA 300) and the Summary of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses (OSHA 300A).  Simply put, the OSHA 300 is the complete record of all work place and work-related illnesses and injuries.   This topic covers these logs. OSHA recommends educating […]

Health and Safety in the Workplace

It may seem obvious that employees should have a safe and healthy working environment.  But what exactly does that mean and how do you achieve it?  Obviously it depends on your workplace and the work being done, but it’s important to identify what’s needed for your situation and ensure the workplace is properly prepared and […]

Blood Borne Pathogens – Safety Meeting Toolbox Topic

Blood borne pathogens are infectious micro-organisms in human blood that can cause diseases including hepatitis and HIV.   But it’s not only blood that can transmit these dangerous contagions — bodily fluids of all types, including saliva, can as well.  This topic is designed to alert workers to these blood borne pathogens to avoid illness […]

Ladder Safety – Safety Meeting Toolbox Topic

Ladders are one of the most commonly used tools in the workplace.  While it may seem  obvious how to use a ladder, ladders can be dangerous.  Each year over 300 people die in preventable ladder falls.  Make sure your team knows how to properly use a ladder to help avoid ladder accidents and injuries. OSHA […]

Confined Spaces – Safety Meeting Toolbox Topic

Confined spaces present a variety of hazards that, when not properly handled, can lead to a serious injury or death.  Use this safety meeting toolbox topic to remind your team how to identify confined spaces and use safety precautions when working in confined spaces. OSHA recommends educating workers through programs such as safety toolbox (tailgate) […]

Preventing Back Injuries – Safety Meeting Toolbox Topic

Back injuries are the most common injury in the workplace, and the cause of most missed work time.  Back injuries can happen due to lifting something that’s too heavy, or over-extending (over-stretching) the back. OSHA recommends educating workers through programs such as safety toolbox (tailgate) training meetings to help prevent accidents and injuries. Download the Preventing […]

Excavation and Trenching – Safety Meeting Toolbox Topic

Excavating is generally recognized as one of the most hazardous construction operations.  OSHA and state run plans such as Cal-OSHA require safety training for workers before they enter any excavation. This toolbox (tailgate) topic pertains to Trenching and Excavation safety (OSHA Subpart P 1926.650 or Cal-OSHA Title 8 CCR 1541). Download the Excavation and Trenching Safety Meeting Topic here: […]

Safety Meeting Form

Toolbox or tailgate safety meetings are required by law to prevent workplace accidents and ensure workers perform their duties safely. For compliance purposes, you should keep a record of each meeting and document all workers who attended the meeting, the date, subject and the trainer’s name. To help track attendance, we’ve created a safety meeting sign-in […]

Welcome to TrainingWise beta!

I’m excited to announce the beta launch of TrainingWise!  TrainingWise takes the hassle out of managing employee training and classes to ensure your company is compliant with federal and local regulations like OSHA and Cal-OSHA.  Now, instead of manually tracking who has taken what and dealing with class schedules, you can manage everything in one […]